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Washington State Attorney Top Cities can shut Pot Cities and regions can block licenses marijuana businesses from operating within their borders, a lawyer in Washington State on Thursday much anticipated Lawyers complicate state efforts to undercut the black market for pot … Read more a rel = “nofollow” href = “″> ABC News
Obama says Germans spying will not harm ties BERLIN – U.S. President Barack Obama told German television that he would not allow U.S. intelligence to harm relations with Germany and other allies. Obama promised in an interview with Germany’s ZDF television broadcast Saturday night. Read more at Washington Post
St. Louis 4 results, but lift Sharks Pavelski 3 Tampa, Fla. – Martin St. Louis Tampa Bay tied the game, it was not enough to lift Lightning win. Just two minutes later, St. Louis was related club mark with four goals per game. Lightning had the lead … Read more at Washington Post