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Judge ruling Chinese partners accounting Big Four “deliberately” violated U.S. law

judge ruling Chinese partners Accounting “willfully” violated the laws of the U.S. Big Four The Chinese partners of the Big Four accounting firms should be banned for six months from audit companies listed on stock exchanges in U.S. stocks, the administrative law judge Commission Securities ruled Wednesday. decision … Read more about Washington Post
K.J. Map-Samuels Washington : Huskies Land 4-Star QB Prospect This is a huge get for Chris Petersen, as he has a potentially higher defense to be some kind of attitude that can make Washington game Pac-12 rivals in the beginning of his administration. With Oregon and Stanford Collection rookie who Huskies have … Read more about Bleacher Report
State 2 substances into the water in W.Va. leaked Charleston, W.Va. – Other chemicals were released in the spill that contaminated the water supply for 300,000 West Virginians, state officials said Wednesday, although newly identified material appears to be less toxic than coal cleaning … Read more at Washington Post