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Report: NV hospital shooter to murder

Report: NV hospital shooter will murder 88-year-old man who shot his wife in the chest in Carson City hospital on Sunday told police he was trying to carry out a murder-suicide because the woman was paralyzed and would not survive, authorities said. William Dresser was arrested Sunday … Read more at Washington Post
Skopje adds match volunteer form Several nonprofits in the Washington area are using new features, including housing advocacy groups, such as Rebuilding Together and Arlington Home Ownership Made Easier rights groups abortion choice U.S. veterans organization Hire Our … Read more about Washington Post
Super Bowl can be great fun with the new “refresh” in Colorado, Washington Fans watch the game in Colorado and Washington state recently legalized can enjoy their entertainment. nibble meant they consume particular timeout. predict bet governors of both states are doing. If heads were Super … Read more on rel = “nofollow” href = “http://www.kansascity.com/2014/01/20/4764339/super-bowl-could-be-super-fun.html”> Kansas City Star
U.S., Europe, lifting some sanctions under the Iran nuclear deal … financial Iran responds well to performance of the contract, the Iranian currency rial strengthened by more than 2 percent against the dollar Monday. EQUIPMENT reported from Washington. Griff Witte in London contributed to … Read more about Washington Post